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5 Crafts Diy Ideas to you 🎨

I share easy and creative Diy ideas x


Dried Flowers Pots”

Margarine rub
bread knife
small pebbles
dried flowers

Use a bread knife to cut the oasis so that it fits snugly inside a margarine rube.
Push the stems of the flowers and grasses into the oasis.
When your arrangement is okay, fill the gaps between the stems with small pebbles.
The oasis is used as the base for these decorations.
To dry flowers and grasses first collect it in a bunch and hang them upside down for 2 weeks.

Salt Dough Plaques”

3 cups plain flour
1cup water
1cup salt (to cooking)
drizzle of oil
plastic bowl
wooden spoon
rolling pin
tracing paper
knife plastic
garlic press
aluminium foil
baking tray
coloured paint
paint brush
glue PVA

Put the flour, water and salt into a plastic bowl, pour on a drizzle oil and mix well, until is a dense dough.
Form a 3 balls, use 1 and roll with the rolling pin and make dough of thickness 0,5cm.
Trace your pattern in thin card, cut out the shape to make a template.
Place the template on top of the dough and cut around it with the knife.
From the remain dough, make a small rectangle for the door, thin sausages for the windows and small ball of dough for the door.
Stick in place by brushing with water.
Break the remaining dough into small balls, feed each of them through the garlic press and use it for the strands of thatched roof.
Put the plaque of foil and place on backing tray.
Bake for 3 hours at 100 C.
Leave be cool to start paint it, let dry.
Finish with varnish.
Attack a small hanger to back to hang it.

“Clay Pots”

Air-drying clay
paint brush
knife plastic
coloured poster paints
small orange
water-based varnish
glue PVA

Roll your clay into a small orange, then press your thumb into a centre to make a hollow.
Pinch the sides to make the hollow bigger.
Stand the pot on your work surface and flatten the base with your thumb.
Leave to dry.
The finished pinch pot, leave dry.
Then start to coloured it with poster paints, leave dry and then paint with varnish, leave dry.

Shell Boxes”

Round box with lid
shell and pebbles differents coloured and sizes
tissue paper
ready mixed plaster filler
paint brush
poster paint or emulsion paint
glue PVA

Try to avoid using large pebbles as these will make you finished your design heavy.
Place generous blob of plaster filler onto the lid of the box.
Use a spatula to smooth out the plaster filler and cover the lid of the box evenly.
Arrange your design quickly onto the lid.
Leave the filler to dry.
Paint the sides and underside of the box and the rim of the lid in a colour of your choice.
Line the box with tissue paper that complements the outside colour.
Apply two coats of glue PVA to the top of the lid.

“String Savers”

Container of plastic lid
paint brush
white poster paint
colour paint
doule-sided tape
sharp instrument
small scissor
glue PVA

Gently rub down the outside of the container with sandpaper to prepare it for painting.
Apply a coat of white poster pain and leave to dry.
Apply a coat of poster pain in the colour of your choice, leave dry.
Wind double-sided tape around the 2,5cm of the container.
Cut a square of tape and stick it just above the taped section.
Starting at the bottom.
Wind string over the tape, twirl a small lenght of string over the square tape to finish off.
Varnish the container with a coat of glue PVA, leave to dry.
Pierce a small hole in the centre of the container lid with a sharp, enlarge the hole by shipping it carefully with the sharp.
Sand the edges of the hole so that there are no rough pieces of plastic.
Place a ball of string inside the container and thread the end through the hole in the lid.

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