Crafts Ideas with Paper

5 Diy Crafts Paper 🎨

I share easy and creatives ideas x


Cardboard picnic plate
Glossy magazzine (into a small pieces)
glue PVA
glue brush

Sort out the pieces and decide wich colour would like to concentrate on.
Involves a lot of glue to cover your surface before you begin.
Glue pieces of paper in your chosen colour scheme, gradually build up a collage until the plate is covered.
Carefully trim around the edges of the plate with scissor.
Ensure that each piece of paper is firmly glued down before brushing the top of the plate with generous coat of glue.


Cardboard tube (kitchen roll paper or bathroom roll paper)
Ruler, pencil,
Masking tape
Paint brush
Paint colours
Glue PVA
Glue brush
Walpaper paste

First, cut rings 3cm (wide from a cardboard tube).
Open up one of the rings and fit the other inside it.
Gently ease the rings out to a diameter of approximately 5cm, then bind them together with masking tape to form a single ring.
Make up a small amount of wallpaper paste and brush it on the thin strips of newpaper.
Wrap one strip at a time around the ring.
Continue, until you have built up three layers.
Leave to dry for 24hours.
Apply a coat of white paint to the inside of the ring.
Leave to dry before painting the outside.
When this is dry, repeat.
Colour the outside of the ring, left dry, and colour again until is your desire of colour.
Can use a varnish or glue PVA, let dry.
Decorate with the pictures of magazine and paint inside.


Drawing pin
Block of wood
Large jar
Wallpaper paste
Glue PVA
Paint brush
Large cardboard tube
Masking tape
White paint
Coloured paint

Blow up a balloon to the size of a small water melon and knot the end.
Fix the knot to a block of wood using a drawing pin and then place it inside a jar.
Pinning the balloon to the wood will stop it moving around while you work and you can hold the jar between your knees when you are applying the papier mache’.
Make up a small amount of wallpaper paste, tear several sheets of newspaper into small pieces.
Brush wallpaper paste onto each piece and stick them one by one to the top of the balloon.
Continue until you are half way down the balloon. Leave dry.
Cut out a base from a cardboard tube and position it on the top of the balloon.
When you are sure that is the level, secure it in place with masking tape.
Apply the paper mache’ over the base then build up several more layers over the whole bowl.
Leave to dry for at least 24 hours, then remove the balloon.
Paint the inside of the bowl with white paint, let dry. Then paint outside. Let dry. Repeat it until the colour is what you choice.
Decorated your bowl using coloured paints, stencils, etc.


Tracing paper
White paper A4
Decoupage paper or Patterns designs
gold or silver pen
felt pencils
Felt, fabric
Small beads, sequins, etc
A notebook
glue PVA
glue stick
glue brush

Place the templates onto the white paper and draw around them with a pencil (repeat it until you have enough images to cover your notebook) or cut in pieces your decoupage paper.
Cover the pencil lines with gold or silver pen, colour the images with felt pencils.
Arrange the cut out images to overlap and cover the front and back of the notebook.
When you happy with your design, stick the images down using a glue stick.
Decorate with felt, fabric, beads, sequins, etc and let dry.
Cover all with glue PVA, let dry.


Diagram of your box (open totally)
Tracing paper
glue PVA
Coloured tissue paper
Sheets glossy magazine

Trace the diagram onto a card and cut it out.
Glue the differents sheets and colours to assemble the box, fold along the dotted lines, let dry.
Then glue the underside and sides of your box, let dry.
Varnish the outside with glue PVA, let dry.
When is dry, line the inside loosely with coloured tissue paper.

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