Salt Dough to hang

Crafts ideas to hang and decor 🎄🎁🎅


3 cups plain flour

1cup water

1cup salt (to cooking)

drizzle of oil

plastic bowl

wooden spoon

rolling pin

tracing paper



knife plastic

aluminium foil

baking tray

coloured paint

paint brush

glue PVA


Now, put the flour, water and salt into a plastic bowl, pour on a drizzle oil and mix well, until is a dense dough. Form a 3 balls, use 1 and roll with the rolling pin and make dough of thickness 0,5 cm. Trace your pattern in thin card and cut out the shape to make a template. Place the template on top of the dough and cut around it with the knife. Put the plaque of foil and place on backing tray with a wood stick made a hole were to hang on it. If you are going to make 3D ornaments you can cut with the cookie pattern (stars, Christmas shoes, Christmas balls, etc.) and paint them with acrylic colours, let dry and paste it to your design with PVA, now you can bake it. You can give it a frosty touch or glitter at the end.

Bake for 3 hours at 100 C. Leave be cool to start paint it, let dry. Finish with varnish.

To hang it use ribbons, cords or florist wire.

Psss! First paint with acrylics colours is better paint with white colour ✨🎄


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