Cats Embroidery

Crafts to lovers animals in special Cats ❤🐾

For those of us who love Cats!

Here are some ideas of DIY Crafts dedicated to our beloved felines like all the felines in the world on my Post…. but we can “donate” certain
works of ours to be “sold” in fundraising and help to “rescue and help animals homeless
Or for those who have Stand / Business can put some of their “crafts for sale” and explaining to buyers that they are “cooperating with the
donation for homeless animals.

We know very well that for certain “corrupt demons” who pretend to be Ong’s / Help Group / Animalists / In favour of the Animal and Human / etc … if there are “many who put on their angels mask” but they are not! They just fill their pockets and be able to use many helpless … but we are in 2019 and I think it would be absurd to make mistakes today to BELIEVE false angels and saints … because there are many who WORK FOR Humanity and Animals IN SILENCE and many times without the financial help of many.
I hope that your collaboration for EACH animal mistreated, trafficked and homeless … your DONATION work is effective! BLESSINGS!!

Many people in the World offer their art in collaborating with the protection and help of homeless, trafficked or mistreated animals, here I show you one of their works that are “sold” in different Personal Pages or Online Businesses.

Some Animalists are not artists or creatives
, but I think I can help them with this “donation” that should go directly to the animal
in need.

World Organisation in support of children and women in need, sell rag or cloth doll, made by Artisan Artists who collaborate with their Art.


I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
amadriadi © Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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