Something about my Country

Good weekend!
This week I was able to finish this Protect “Fairy Pots” and I wanted to finish 3 more Projects but … we had a very slow internet line (I think the snail goes faster!), Well to all this I have to maintain harmony and patience, I hope this weekend is something better and I can do something else.
Tomorrow, July 28, the Anniversary of Independence of Peru is celebrated (as you know I am Peruvian!), I send my greetings to all Peruvians Abroad as in our beloved Peru.
In my heart I also carry the colours of the Italian Flag (I have lived more than 18 years in Parma), and I live with my husband in England (which I respect and appreciate), if in the end we are always walkers of life!
A hug to each one and to smile, there is nothing worse than feeling frustrated with oneself without having the reason to feel frustrated, happiness is knocking softly at your door and you don’t hear it.

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
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