Christmas Toys

Christmas Tales ✨🎄⛄❄

“Christmas Toys”

(Author: Kahtleen Daly)
Mr & Mrs Mouse named their new baby “Chris Mouse”, because he was born at Christmas time and happy time it was.

“Come let’s take Chris to see the joys of Christmas”, said father mouse.

The first thing they saw was a snowman.

“Snow falls from the sky on cold days in winter”, said  mother.

“Let’s make snow balls!”.

Soon they were throwing snowballs at each other, and making a snow-mouse with holly berries for eyes.

On the high street, all the shop windows were alight.

“There’s a crib”, said father.

“Like the one where baby Jesus was born on the first Christmas, long ago”.

“And there’s the first mouse he saw!” Said Chris.

“Oh look!” Said father mouse.

“Our house people have made a special treat  for us!”

“It’s really for the birds,” said mother.

“But then won’t mind if we have a nibble.”

“That pretty ring of holly and ivy and fir reminds people that green things grow, even in winter.

“It’s nature’ gift to us!” Said father.

“My, it smells good in here!” Said Chris mouse.

“Mrs people is baking mice pies and ginger bread cookies for tomorrow’s feast,” said mother.

“There’ll be turkey and stuffing…”

“And lovely mouse-cheese for us!” Said father.

Sniffing happy.

“What a pretty paper and ribbons!” Said Chris Mouse.

“The dad and mum, people are wrappin presents,” said the father mouse.

“And Liz & David are writing a cards,” said mother mouse.

“One of the joys of Christmas is remembering all your friends, now, they are decorating the tree.” Said father mouse.

“Right on top they put a star, to remember the one that shone over baby Jesu’s table.”

“Why are children hanging up stockings?” Asked Chris mouse.

“If they have been good children, they will find their stockings full of goodies tomorrow,” said mother mouse.

“Listen to that beautiful song!” Said Christ mouse.

The mouse family ran their outside hole.

“They are singing Christmas cards,” said father mouse, “cards tell of the joy of Christmas.”

Suddenly there was the sound of jingle bells.

“That must be Santa!” Said mother, “He and his elves make Toy’s for children -and mice- and all over the world!”

Chris mouse hung a mouse-sized sock at the foot of hi bed and tried to sleep.

uddenly there was a thump on the roof.

Then whoosh down the chimney cameroly-poly Santa Claus.

Chris mouse darted out of this hole and up the chimney.

On the roof was a beautiful sledge, loaded with sacks. And in front of it wore eight tiny reindeer.

Santa come puffing up the chimney.

“Ho Ho Ho!” He said, “Off we go-lots more houses to visit before morning!”

His eyes twinkled at Chris mouse.

Then he was gone, sledge, reindeer and all.

Chris mouse was very sleepy, he slid down the chimney and snuggled deep into bed, with all the joys of Christmas dancing in his head.

“Happy Christmas!” Liz & David were shouting merrily as they opened their presents.

There was a toy train for David, with railway tracks and signals. Liz found a wonderful robot doll that could add numbers and play puzzle games and talk.

Dad got a Christmas tie, all red and green.

And mum got furry slippers.

“And now for us,” said father mouse.

He kiss the mother and Chris.

“That’s mistletoe,” he said, pointing overhead, “it’s good luck to kiss under the mistletoe!”

“I like it,” said the mother mouse, “let’s do it again!”

And they did.

Chris mouse stared and stared at the tiny firbranch Christmas tree.

There were ribbons and tinsels.

And underneath was a lovely mouse-sledge, just right for tree.

“Looks as if Santa found our little mouse house,” said father mouse.

Just then there were happy shouts outside.

Liz and David were riding their brand-new sledges down the hill.

“Come on, let’s go,” said father mouse.

“And Merry Chritmas to all!” Shouted Chris mouse. 

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